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the world of Badacsonys wine culture

Discover the essence of Hungary through our organic wines from Badacsony. Crafted from volcanic soil, our collection offers red wine, white wine, and also natural wines. Experience the taste of tradition and Balatons shore in every sip. Cheers to Hungarian wine!


for a natural pleasure

Our white wine are handcrafted from fully riped organic destemmed grapes. The spectrum of aromas ranging from luscious fruits to delicate flowers, and its stylistic diversity spans from light to rich. You can find in the background always the influence of our vulcanic hill – Badacsony. Renowned for its remarkable versatility, this white wine becomes the perfect accompaniment to a wide array of dishes, enhancing the dining experience with its nuanced and complementary flavors.


Experience the unique taste of our organic wines, crafted from the special soil of the volcanic Badacsony region. Situated between Lake Balaton and the volcanic landscape, our wines embody the rich narrative of the terroir. Each sip encapsulates the essence of this special soil, showcasing a harmonious fusion of land and expertise. Explore the immersive world of our wines.


with the vulcano feeling

Our red wine is produced from fully riped grapes, with the skins left on during fermentation. This imparts color, tannins, and additional flavors to the wine. Red wines encompass a spectrum from elegant light mineralic and fruity to bold and robust, making them well-suited for diverse food pairings.


Our commitment to quality is guaranteed through a prestigious bio certificate, reflecting our dedication to pure and organic winemaking. Each sip reveals the essence of our dedication to sustainability and the purity of our vineyards. Taste the unique character of our wines.


with the special taste

Experience the exceptional allure of natural wines, a rare gem crafted from organically grown grapes with minimal intervention, revealing authentic flavors that uniquely express vineyard characteristics—a distinct choice for those seeking the unparalleled purity of unadulterated terroir expression.


Discover our unique aging methods, ranging from traditional Amphora aging to the rich character developed in barrels. Enhance your palate with our pétillant naturel and the refreshing purity achieved through stainless steel tanks. Each technique harmonizes to create a symphony of flavors, offering wines that combine tradition and innovation to delight your senses.

"Good wine is a symphony of the senses, a dance of flavors that captivates the palate, whispers tales of sun-soaked vineyards, and ages gracefully in the cellar of memories."