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for perfect organized conferences

Business Meeting Setup Style Big Meeting

Big Meeting

16 persons

Business Meeting Setup Presentation Style


10 persons

Business Meeting Setup Small Meeting Style

Small Meeting

12 persons

Business Meeting Setup Style circle


10 persons


Whole day package

EUR 50  p.P. per day

The package includes an inclusive meeting room equipped with a billboard, WIFI, projector, morning coffee break with snacks, lunch, and an afternoon coffee break.


Where can I book a business meeting?

Your business meeting reservation can be made by contacting us at or simply by clicking on the button below

How does the presentation-style setup look like?

The presentation-style setup is optimal for facilitating various types of lectures and discussions during your business meetings, accommodating up to 12 participants.

business meetings presentation style

How is the setup for the big meeting structured?

The business meeting accommodates approximately 16 people and is ideal for extensive discussion rounds.

business meetings big discussion style

How is the small meeting organized?

The intimate setting comfortably accommodates up to 12 individuals and is ideally suited for impactful presentations.

business meeting setup in small meeting style

What is the arrangement for the circle meeting?

A circle meeting is ideal for open communication and collaboration. Our space accommodates up to 10 people, but if you need more, just let us know!