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First steps from Badacsony

The Domaine Edegger winery is a familial business. Our family came from Austria and our winery runs in the hart of Badacsony. Badacsony is the center of the wine region which lays around the same named hill, which is located on the north side of Lake Balaton. The total size of the plantations is over 8 hektar. Our ranges lay at four different areas and panted mainly with white grapes, there is only 2,5 ha with red grapes. The picture of the wineyards compartmentalized by small houses is the typical view of this region.

2000: The estabilishment of the Domaine Edegger Winery

The house of the company was built in 1920 and functioned as a wine cellar and restaurant in the last 40 years. We have chosen and bought our ranges considering the “terroir” (soil quality, natural resources)

2005: viniculture naturally

According to our personal conviction we decided to cultivate our wineyards followed by biological guide-lines. We have given up using the synthetic vapor chemical.Our belief that with this conscious viniculture we can get that quality from the grapes which reflects in the speciality of this wine-region.

2008: screw-top

Since 2007 our reductive wines are bottled with screw-top.

Our Team


Martin Georg Edegger

Jakob Edegger

Évi Risthaus
Adrienn Liszy